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Details Of Infra Works

The various projects have been delivered by JAY MALHAR ENTERPRISES in the field of infrastucture development in the cities as well as in around areas.

We promises the high quality construction. We place well educated, trained skilled Technicians and engineers on our projects who understand construction means and methods, sound management processes and procedures, and who embrace the highest standards for excellence in the field of infrastucture for the industry.

We have our wide presence in the filed of infrastructure for working in variety of projects in the city and around areas.

We also undertake the projects of construction of small culverts, various types of pipelines , retaining walls , foot paths , paver block paths, rcc nallas, various types of chambers , sewer network , painting works , beautification works , foundation works, maintainance & reapirs of stuctuer and other infrastucture providing works for government , semi - goevrnment bodies and also for private sectors.

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