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Details Of Underground Utility

The city contains more than 46 underground utilies under the beneath of raod such as telephone cables, gas pipe lines, network cables, and high tensile electricity cables and other pipe lines.

So it is very necessary to do the diversion or shifting or laying work of utilies with higher safety with all respect at the locations and with proper precautions.

We have provided the underground utility in the city and around areas such as providing and laying SWD/drain and shifting of utility.

Diversion of Water Supply line and sewer lineand other utility work.

It is very necessary to provide best utilities in the areas for better services and we have provided the underground utilities by managing the heavy traffic on roads and by managing the extraction of water using various water pumps.

We have large experince of work of diversion of underground utilities in the way of foundation of mumbai metro in the city of mumbai for companies like simplex infrastucture , SEW infratsucture , Ahluwalia contracts india pvt. Ltd and Also for Mumbai metro one pvt.ltd.

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