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Details Of Water Pipe Lines

Pipelines are the transportation media of water from one area to other which accomplishes the needs of water in the areas where no source of water is available.

We have provided and commissioned successfully various pipelines of various diameter such as M.S. Pipeline, HDPE pipelines, D.I. pipelines, C.I. pipelines etc. underground as well as over ground.

We have successfully commissioned the small size dia pipeline such as 300 mm dia pipelines to big size dia pipelines such as 1800 mm dia pipelines.

We have done various projects of pipelines in the city and around areas with all difficulties and hence have great experience of this works.

We maintain the best qaulity of material in this type of projects and promise the best durability of such projects.

We also undertake the projects of maintainance and repair works of pipelines through out its duration.

We have undertaken the pipeline providing and commissioning work for government bodies such as MIDC and also for private sectors.

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